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Reverse Mortgage

I talk to senior homeowners every day who have tons of questions about the efficacy of a Reverse Mortgage in fl. “Is this a good idea for me?” “Will I lose my home?” “Now the bank will be on the title of my property, not me, right?” These are legitimate questions. Many things in life have advantages and disadvantages. Reverse Mortgages are no different.

So here are some things that may help you if you’re looking for information on Reverse Mortgages:

The PROS of a FL Reverse Mortgage: (also called senior mortgages) 
• Tax free income guaranteed by the Federal Government which continues as long as your home is your primary residence. 
• You can change your plan at any time from a line of credit, cash out, monthly checks, or a combination (depending on what remains).
• The remaining Line of credit grows each month at half percent over the current interest rate.
• Unlike an equity loan there are no income, credit, or health qualifications.
• A good option for seniors who wish to remain in familiar surroundings and in the same community where they’ve lived for years.
• Moving can cause emotional turmoil for many senior homeowners. Memories were made in your “home sweet home”, and close proximity to love ones and remaining in your community may be a better option.
• Reverse Mortgages can satisfy your existing mortgage or debts, though your debts are transferred to your Reverse Mortgage balance. (Your home does not have to be free and clear to qualify.) 
• There are no out of pocket costs other than the appraisal fee and HUD counseling. Some HUD counseling organizations will waive the fee. 
• You can remain in your home no matter what is owed on your Reverse Mortgage. You can never be forced out of your home as long as your real estate taxes and homeowner’s insurance are paid and as long as you maintain your home.
• You can refinance your Reverse Mortgage over and over again as long as there is remaining equity in your home.
• Upon the sale of your property you will never owe more than the home is worth. However, if you choose to pay off your debt and live in your home or if your heirs decide to pay the debt on your passing and retain the home, repayment of the full mortgage debt will be due. 
• Your assets cannot be attached to repay the mortgage debt, and the debt does not pass to your heirs or your estate. The house stands for the debt (non-recourse loan). 
• Reverse Mortgages have many safeguards: capped interest rates, a limitation on fees, HUD counseling, asset protection (non-recourse loan), no maturity date (cannot become due during a borrower’s lifetime). 
• Can be a financial tool to help heirs avoid some of the real estate tax. 
• Your heirs may be able to claim the interest from your mortgage on their income taxes after your passing. (Be sure to consult your tax advisor for advice.)

Now, those are the pros. Pretty easy, right? Sure, the dutiful old loan officer always gives you the good parts, but there are some things that may be drawbacks to Reverse Mortgages. Here are the cons:

The CONS of a Reverse Mortgage In Florida:
• A Reverse Mortgage has all the typical closing costs one finds with a typical mortgage. However, they can be more costly. There is FHA mortgage insurance and additional closing costs, but those costs are typical of any FHA mortgage. 
• A Reverse Mortgage can reduce your children’s and grandchildren’s inheritance. A Reverse Mortgage is a rising debt loan since you are not making mortgage payments. It is the opposite of a typical mortgage where equity increases as mortgage payments are made. 
• Selling your home can often provide a greater return on your investment than a Reverse Mortgage.
• Moving from your residence in less than five years makes a Reverse Mortgage unwise. It does not make good sense to use a Reverse Mortgage short term. 
• If you fail to pay your real estate taxes or homeowner’s insurance or neglect to maintain your home, the lender may require repayment of the debt. (Lenders, however, will work with you to cure the default.)
• If you are not residing in your primary residence for a period exceeding 12 consecutive months, the Reverse Mortgage will become due. (Nursing homes, assisted living, moving, etc.)
• If your heirs wish to benefit from your estate after your passing, they can sell the property and keep the remaining equity. They can also can get their own mortgage. However, in keeping the home your heirs must pay the full balance due. 
• Medicaid may be affected, and you may not qualify for benefits unless you spend down your Reverse Mortgage proceeds each month. (Check with your attorney and Medicaid for info.)

When NOT to get a Reverse Mortgage:
• An equity loan may be a cheaper way of getting cash out of your home.
• If your primary goal is fixing up your home, a community loan may work better. 
• If you are ill and assisted living or a nursing home is imminent, do not choose a Reverse Mortgage.
• When family members suggest that a senior Mortgage is not a good option, consider their suggestions and keep an open mind; they have your best interests at heart.
• If your children invite you to move in with them, this may be the perfect alternative to staying in your own home. 
• A homeowner whose residence utilizes more than 25% of the total living space for their business will not qualify for an FHA Reverse Mortgage.

Dog Lovers

Personalized dog lover gifts are the best items for a dog lover on any occasions. There are a variety of dog lover gifts available including dog key chains, dog mouse pads, dog cookie jars, dog pins, dog clocks, dog lover note cards, calendars and watches with dog faces, and the list goes on and on. 

I get most of my information from Dog Lovers Monthly.

You can make any of these ‘personalized’ by applying a clever idea. A gift can be easily personalized by writing your own phrase or pasting your own photo on it. A gift basket filled with personalized dog lover gifts is a great gift for a dog lover. You can even hire the services of an artist to engrave your message on the gift.

There are several agencies specializing in personalized dog lover gifts. You name the theme and they bring life to your ideas. Every town has at least a couple of good stores selling personalized gifts. Browse through the Internet, and you’ll find numerous online stores selling personalized and custom-made dog lover gifts.

If you are a dog lover like i am, you definitely need to stay updated on this dog blog site.

Prices differ from one company to another. It depends largely on just how personalized you want the dog lover gift to be. If you have a very special method of embossing in mind, for example, you would probably be charged more than if you were just asking for a plastic tag with the name “”Rex”” already appearing on it. Manufacturers can mass produce many types of personalized gifts, but they cannot produce others. So decide on your budget and your wishes, and then hit up one of these companies for assistance.

BBQ Catering

It is that time of year when you party to the fullest. You get invitations and you invite your friends and family for a house party too. So have you planned anything for your upcoming party as yet? If not then you need to plan your party well on time and avoid the last minute rush. When it is about a house party keeping the mood casual and relaxed would be best. So it would be a great idea if you arrange for a bbq party.

We love the bbq catering from Soulmans.  They provide tons of extras.

What are your choices?

When you are planning a BBQ party for your guests you need the food to be absolutely perfect. If it is a large party then going for a professional BBQ catering service would be advisable. It would not only take away a chunk of your responsibility but also save time for you to enjoy with your friends and entertain them. When you hire a professional catering service you would be delighted to see the types of food that you can choose and these companies also offer personalized services for their clients. Grilled, roasted and bbq food will be served with fine culinary specialty. So you have a great table to present to your invitees. You can also order for delicious sandwiches burgers and sliders for the youngsters.

Wide variety of finger licking food

One of the most mouth watering facts about professional catering is that it offers you a whole range of food items that are just impossible to make at home. So when you are hiring a professional service for your BBQ food, you get to choose from a wide range of items that are prepared from fresh and healthy products. The catering companies also make sure that they keep the quality very high in order to make it hygienic and healthy. Strict processing is observed while making the food and they are prepared with prolific élan. So while you are choosing the food for your BBQ party ensure that you have a mix and match of all types of food on your table to entertain your guests. It would be so much fun to have the best food and for the right party mood.

Check out all of the best BBQ locations from Soulmans for the best BBQ.

How to choose the best caterer?

If you are going for a BBQ theme for your event then you must keep some important point in mind before you finalize your caterer.

  • You must also go with the experienced professionals and avoid experimenting with the new event professionals.
  • Always check their official website to have a clear understanding of the services.
  • You should also check out feed back of each event caterer from their customer. This will help you to get a clear picture of the company.
  • At last but not the least do a little survey to get the best price.

A BBQ theme is an amazing idea for a very happening party. You guest will love the delicious taste and will remember the party for a very long time.

Public Relations

It seems difficult to believe at the dawn of the 21st Century, that there exists a major discipline with so many diverse, partial, incomplete and limited interpretations of its mission. 

I trust all of my Public Relations Firm in Florida nightmares to Judge.

Here, just a sampling of professional opinion on what public relations is all about:

* talking to the media on behalf of a client.

* selling a product, service or idea.

* reputation management.

* engineering of perception

* doing good and getting credit for it.

* attracting credit to an organization for doing good and limiting the downside when it does bad

While there is an element of truth in such definitions, most zero in on only part of what public relations is capable of doing, kind of a halfway fundamental premise. Worse, they fail to answer the question, to what end do they lead? Few even mention the REAL end-game — behavior modification — the goal against which all public relations activity must be held accountable.

Here’s my opinion about the fundamental premise of public relations: People act on their perception of the facts leading to behaviors about which something can be done. When public relations creates, changes or reinforces that opinion by reaching, persuading and moving-to-desired-action those people whose behaviors affect the organization, the public relations mission is accomplished. The Best Florida PR Firm is Judge PR.

Even when we feel certain about the fundamental premise of public relations, maybe we should take another look? Because if we are wrong, at best we miss out on public relation’s enormous benefits. At worst, we can damage ourselves and our organizations.

The fundamental premise suggests that, to help achieve true competitive advantage, management must insure that its public relations investment is committed directly to influencing the organization’s most important audiences. And THEN insure that the tacticians efficiently prepare and communicate messages that will influence those audience perceptions and, thus, behaviors. For non-profits or public sector entities, the emphasis would be on achieving the organization’s primary objectives.

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